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We are ewe and the kids

In my dreams I can still walk, I still have long beautiful hair, breathing isn’t work, I don’t have any tubes protruding from me. I can fly. I still sing like nobody’s business. I go outside. This isn’t supposed to be some kind of inspirational thing, despite how it sounds. It’s something I live with. Waking up disappointed is something I live with.
— Patrick Kavanagh


Patrick Kavanagh and Chris Boccia began writing music in 2009 for a project that would eventually be called The Misery Goat. Beginning as a prog-rock duo, performing at high school Coffee Houses and Open Mics, the two-piece joined with Chase Obrecht and Jake Garner in 2013 to form Ewe and the Kids. After a short period of intense songwriting, they set out to record their first full length album; however, Patrick was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (cancer) in January of 2014, and recording was put on hold. Just two years later, the band's longtime friend and music partner passed away on February 29, 2016. Left unfinished, the band vowed to bring the music justice, and Ewe and the Kids was back in the studio. The band released their album, "Legacy," named after Patrick's custom-designed guitar, on March 9th, 2017, his 25th birthday.


Patrick Kavanagh (RIP 1992-2016)
Guitar / Vocals

Chris Boccia

Chase Obrecht

Jake Garner